Spoonable Caramel, Brooklyn Butterscotch

Spoonable Caramels

No longer available
  • Top it off. Brooklyn-based Michelle Lewis makes decadent caramel sauces from the best ingredients and without preservatives. Rich and smooth, they make natural toppings for ice cream, cakes and waffles but also integrate beautifully into salad dressings or meat glazes.


    • 7.75 oz.
    • Preservative-free caramel sauces.
    • Flavors: Brooklyn Butterscotch, Chewy Sesame Caramel, Salty Traditional Sauce.
    • Drizzle over desserts, use in sauces and dressings or eat right out of the jar.
    • Sugar, cream, butter and other natural flavors. See Dimensions + Care for complete ingredients.
    • Made in Brooklyn, New York.
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