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Homekeeping + Cleaning

A clean home is a happy home, and with west elm’s extensive selection of homekeeping and cleaning solutions, it is possible to keep your house spotless. The kitchen is the heart of most households, where the family gathers to eat and play, so that is a good place to start introducing organizational aids, such as baskets and bins. Paper towel holders, dish racks and trash cans ensure there is an ideal place for everything, to help you maintain an oasis of calm where it is a pleasure to spend time, while hampers provide a convenient storage solution for everything from towels to cookery books.
Hooks and other types of hardware are useful home accents that combine form and function, providing easy ways to hang coats in a neat, organized manner, and keeping the clutter to a minimum in your entryway or living room. When positioned in the laundry room, hooks and clothes hangers provide an efficient way to store a laundry bag or to sort clothes for ironing; and they work in conjunction with other laundry solutions, such as shelving units, racks and baskets, to make homekeeping less of a chore. In all cases, by choosing products that are in keeping with your decor, such as woven baskets for a traditional home or wire mesh hampers for an industrial loft apartment, it is possible to make every functional product feel like an extension of the room’s overall aesthetic.