New Pillows + Throws

If you want to revitalize your living space, add colors, patterns and textures with new pillows and throws from west elm’s large selection of soft furnishings. By carefully selecting pillows that contrast with your decor, or complement existing home accents, it is possible to create a warm, inviting living space with a spark of ingenuity and artistic flair. Introducing some throw pillows is one of the simplest ways to give an old sofa or sectional a new look. For tan or dark sofas, consider a natural palette of greens and yellows. A cream or white sofa is a blank canvas just waiting for something with visual punch, such as mismatched pillows in primary colors. Mix up your patterns and solid colors to create dramatic contrasts, and use size to create visually appealing combinations. Try using a few large pillows to make a focal point out of your futon, or use smaller pillows for eclectic, organic style.
When you choose a pillow or throw blanket, remember to consider how it plays into your existing decor elements, including the wallpaper and rugs. Keeping to a limited color palette, or using similar patterns and textures throughout, gives each room a unifying theme that helps the space make sense. If you use different patterns, pick designs with at least one common color to bring the elements together. With the right pillows and throws, it is possible to transform any living space without opening a can of paint.