Decorative Trays

When you think of organization, does style factor in? Organizing your home may not seem like the most exciting prospect, but with west elm’s gorgeous wooden, ceramic and glass decorative trays, you can keep your life together without sacrificing style. When paired with baskets, bins and other organizational tools, decorative trays add a sense of polish and sophistication to any space, from your bedroom vanity to the console table in your home office. Choose a small tray to hold your favorite jewelry treasures or a large tray to keep mobile devices and their chargers contained. Trays can also be useful for creating discrete decor vignettes that let you showcase your taste while providing practical surface space you can actually use.

Entryways are a great place for decorative trays to do their work of combining form and function. If you toss your wallet, keys, phone and earbuds on a table when you get home from work, you may find that these all-important items look a bit cluttered when strewn about. If you don’t have a specific place to keep your daily-carry items, a decorative tray can be doubly handy. Use one of our generously sized decorative trays to hold onto all of your most important essentials, giving you a specific space to stash your stuff so you never have to do the last minute “where are my keys” scramble. You’ll know exactly where your stuff is, and you’ll also enhance the aesthetics of the space by selecting a stylish tray.

Trays are an important component of jewelry storage, particularly if you like to see your sparkly accessories on display rather than locking them up in a box. A small tray or dish can serve as a daily resting place for engagement rings, watches, wardrobe-staple necklaces and tiny pairs of earrings you don’t want to lose. Keep a tiny tray by your kitchen or bathroom sink if you prefer to remove your rings and other jewelry before cooking or bathing. Add a jewelry tray to your living room table so you can take your earrings off after a long day at work without having to get up from the couch. Giving yourself a safe place to keep your jewels allows you to treat these pieces with the respect and care they deserve.

If your organizational needs are well taken care of or if you simply want to add some decor beauty to your life, consider using a decorative tray to arrange luxe items like perfume bottles or fine liquors for display and use. You can also incorporate our decorative trays into your entertaining efforts. Next time you have friends over for dinner, why not have everyone sit in the living room for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres presented on a tray?

We have some decorative trays that, while fashionable and carefully designed, are suitable for purely practical purposes if you so choose. Stash a generously sized, deep-walled tray with handles in your pantry for use when making breakfast in bed or bringing soup to a family member who’s sick in bed. Take your morning coffee and croissant onto the porch so you can get some fresh air and sunshine before starting your day. Thanks to their sturdy construction with materials like lacquered wood and thick, cool marble, you’ll find plenty of options that can bear weight for utilitarian applications.

Whether you use them to display a mobile arrangement of decorative candles and lanterns or you let a tray serve a hero’s role in keeping your keys, wallet and phone reliably within reach every morning, our decorative trays can serve many practical purposes in addition to simply looking good. But if you want to just add a touch of glamour and luxury to your life, our decorative trays can bear that responsibility well, too.