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Especially in a bathroom, the details really matter. Tending to be a smaller space, all of the accessories and touches of style and lighting that you choose are readily noticed. They have an enormous impact on the space’s ambience. That means that the more love you put into decorating your bathroom, the more attractive and inviting it will be. And that, in turn, can affect your entire day. Waking up to the pleasant fragrance of soothing candles, the warm illumination of a sconce and the gentle touch of 100 percent cotton towels can put a smile on your face and give you a positive attitude – no matter what you have on your agenda. On a cold day, have one of our cozy blankets on hand after you get out of the shower to wrap yourself up it while you finish eating breakfast or getting ready.
west elm provides everything you need to turn an ordinary bathroom into a sophisticated space. Using dark paint colors, shower curtains and towels – as well as indirect lighting – accentuates a refined look. Keeping a jewelry box in the bathroom is both convenient for quick styling and chic. On the other hand, if you prefer a more cheerful and energetic ambience, choose lighter tones and white decorative accessories. Ceramic containers, white or brightly-colored vases – even small plants – all help to create a fresh and spacious quality in the room. Many of these items can also be monogrammed to put your personal touch on them. Monogrammed objects also make great gifts for friends, family or acquaintances.