Cleaning Supplies

Keep your home in picture perfect condition on a day to day basis. Our cleaning supplies collection includes everything you need to ensure that your space stays neat and tidy. Whether you prefer to efficiently clean your home each weekend or you break your tasks up into smaller parts throughout the week, the right supplies can make cleaning an enjoyable task. Use a broom and dustpan to remove dust and debris from your floors and keep your home dirt free between deeper cleanings. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris from corners, drapes, upholstery and carpets for a more thorough clean. Trash bins are handy for keeping your rooms neat and tidy, from the kitchen to your home office. You can also use multiple bins to sort your recycling and compost.
west elm offers a wide variety of other products to help you keep your home neat and organized. Use multiple laundry hampers to separate your whites, darks, linens and delicates and see laundry day go by like a breeze. Place a large basket in the corner of your living room, family room or the foot of the stairs to collect odds and ends and keep your space free of clutter. Use small trays on your shelves and drawers to organize smaller items such as office supplies, change and gadgets.