Countertop Accessories

As every woman knows, what truly gives a space a personal touch and warmth aren’t the big pieces. It’s the abundance of little details that all come together – almost like the lines of a fingerprint – to create a unique style that sets your home apart from everyone else’s. west elm specializes in providing you with those little items that let you express yourself like an artist playing with strokes of decor. For an elegant and sophisticated bathroom, make sure to select fashionable accessories that make you feel comfortable and happy. They will put a smile on your face every morning no matter what your agenda holds. That can have a big impact on your whole day – for the better. There are practical pieces that hold your toothbrush, hand soap, shaving tools and more. Thanks to a sleek appearance and friendly tones, they create an inviting ambience that wakes you up gently.
We also offer decorative objects that fit extremely well into a bathroom and make it seem more luxurious. Our Glass Shadow Boxes serve both purposes. These attractive glass containers are lined with linen and can be used to store everything from jewelry for dressing in a hurry to a makeup set. Placing a jewelry box or a tray on the dresser in your bedroom is another convenient idea. A mirror directly above the dresser is stylish and helps you check your hair and makeup. Our shadow boxes can also be utilized to display decorations like seashells, amethyst, items that you’ve collected during your travels and more. A full complement of personal care items takes care of you when you feel like pampering yourself.