The Monogram Shop

Whether you want to give someone a special gift that will not be forgotten, or enjoy putting your touch on your favorite stuff, adding a distinctive monogram is an excellent idea. When used with personal items, a monogram reaffirms your identity. It reminds you of who you are and lets you customize the world around you. It can also let everyone else know about it. Your monogram might say whether you value tradition and sophistication or if you prefer having fun with friends. For personalizing a room, displaying your favorite art can also tell people a lot about you.
west elm offers a number of pieces that can be monogrammed the way you want. For a more formal layout, choose an elegant font with the letters of your name – or, if you’re married, you and your spouse’s names together. If you need help with the correct letter arrangement, we have information to help during the monogram customization steps. Of course, there’s no reason you have to feel obligated to go with a traditional format. If you have a more energetic personality, you can usually include a monogram with up to nine letters that can be both playful and customized. Using LOL, MR, MRS, ILOVEU or your name are a few options, though the possibilities are really virtually endless. Placing someone's name or a short message on a gift is sure to impress and touch the heart of its recipient. We offer countless beautiful decorative pieces for her and for him that can give you some great ideas. No matter what you choose, trust us, they’ll love it.