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What’s New in Bathroom Accessories, Towels and Décor

Bathroom decor is an often overlooked part of interior design. It’s easy to go years without changing your towels, shower curtain or bath mat. You may not even notice yourself starting to feel bored by the same scene over and over again. Keep yourself from feeling stale by checking out west elm’s new bathroom accessories options. You’ll be able to get access to our most recent bathroom product offerings, allowing you to frequently update your bathroom decor without having to do a remodel. It might seem surprising at first, but rotating in new bathroom accessories every now and then can help add some excitement and joy to every bath or shower.
Whether you need to replace an old bath mat or you just want to add some new color or pattern to your bathroom, our new bathroom accessories can help keep you on the cutting edge of the latest styles in home decor. You won’t fall victim to a ridiculous passing trend, though. All of our bathroom accessories carry our sleek design sensibilities and tasteful modern flair. Made from high-quality materials such as 100 percent cotton, our bath accessories add a little bit of luxury to even the most average bathroom or powder room. From unique hand towels to printed shower curtains, you’ll find a generous selection of awesome new products in this section of our site.