Bedding $99 & Under

Having a great collection of bedding can feel luxurious and appealing, but it can be hard to amass such a collection at once sometimes. Luckily, west elm offers a generous selection of stylish, carefully designed bedding that‘s under $100. From affordable duvet covers to sheet sets, our collection of cost-effective bedding is the perfect way to bring luxury into your life. With options including charmingly printed organic cotton duvet covers with matching shams and soft, warm flannel sheets, this section is highly appealing for anyone who wants to save a little cash while enjoying our signature quality and design.

There are several ways to approach your bedding purchase experience. Choose a matching set with a duvet cover and identical shams, or choose a duvet cover on its own and add contrasting shams for a bit of variety. You can stick to a single color scheme easily with our selections, or you can mix up your choices for an eclectic look that reflects your style priorities. No matter what you choose, you‘ll be getting a stylish and budget-friendly collection that will see you through years and years of restful sleep and snuggly relaxation in bed.

For a cohesive decor approach, consider your bedroom decor as a whole before selecting your bedding in this section. If your bedroom is currently a blank slate, go the opposite route by picking out the bedding you like best first and then selecting decor that matches well. You can select curtains that pick up colors in your duvet cover and wall art with floral or geometric motifs that match the print on your sheets. For another sophisticated option, go for tranquil minimalism in your bedroom, focusing on the use of solid neutral colors or monochromatic immersion in a tranquil, soothing color such as gray or blue.

Whether you‘re moving into a new place or just want a fresh start, picking up an entirely new set of bedding, from sheets to shams, can be a fun experience. There’s no reason to let your budget get in the way of your enjoyment. This section is designed to filter out any interference so you can focus solely on those items that match best with your needs. If you fall in love at first sight with one of our patterned sheet sets or a sumptuously textured duvet cover, you can make some safe assumptions about price point before you even take a look. This streamlined shopping experience makes finding what you need effortlessly simple.

For additional savings, check out our bedding sale selection. If there‘s a particular item you've been keeping your eye on, it pays to keep checking on this part of our site. It could be that something you love lands itself firmly within reach thanks to a sale. If this is your first time visiting us, give that section a look in addition to perusing our affordable bedding options here. With our careful attention to craft and design, you can rest assured that you‘ll be getting a great value on some highly enjoyable bedding.

Don‘t let the appeal of an affordable duvet cover pass you by. Whether you want to change things up in your house or you’re starting from scratch, these options give you the ability to build the bed of your dreams. With selections that include green, organic and fair trade products, you can easily balance all your priorities in addition to budgetary concerns. Start shopping now and see how many great styles catch your eye. From dorm rooms to urban apartments and woodsy cabins, our affordable bedding can look and feel great anywhere.