Bedskirts + Mattress Toppers

We believe that your comfort should be priority number one. When you’re relaxed, it helps you to feel less stress and a lot happier. That, in turn, lets you start the day with a smile. Repeatedly getting a good night’s sleep can have an enormous impact on your entire life. Our mattress toppers go a long way toward making sure your bed is as comfortable as possible. Featherbeds can be laid right on top of your existing mattress to add an extra layer of exquisite softness that your body will thank you for. Of course, you’ll want to start with a comfy west elm collection mattress by Simmons to begin with.
If you feel the need for added support in order to wake up fully rested, our Premium Pressure Sensitive Fiber Mattress Pad is a great solution. Its fibers form completely to your unique body shape, keeping it better positioned and relieving pressure points. Your neck, back and waist will notice the difference every morning. Comfort doesn’t mean that your bed can’t also be stylish. Our premium bed skirts let you cover a box spring or the space underneath your bed. That way, you can feel free to use it for extra storage while keeping it out of sight. Thanks to classic colors like platinum, slate and white, it’s easy to bring your room decor together. Distinctive lighting also gives a bedroom a fashionable appearance.