Blue + Purple Bedding

A bed without stylish, comfortable covers is enough to give just about anyone the blues. Banish any potential bedding bummers with west elm’s blues and purples bedding collection. Imagine sinking into a cool, serene nest of moonstone blue or light amethyst sheets and blankets at the end of a long, hard day. You’ll be transported to dreamland with a comforting cool hue that’s anything but depressing. Our blues and purples bedding collection includes a variety of shades and tones in addition to different textures and patterns. From tiny touches of indigo in a multicolor pattern to solid monochrome lavender, we offer a wide range of options on this side of the color spectrum. You can build yourself an all blue or purple bed or mix and match with other colors in our bedding collection. Add a pop of cool color to a bedroom that’s otherwise arrayed in sunny shades, or break up steady white minimalism with a small dash of light pool or dusty blue.
After selecting some sheets and blanket and a quilt or duvet cover, be sure to pick out some of our reliable bedding basics to help finish off your comfy bed. You may be living in a world with boring bedroom decor now, but you can make your bed feel like a deep ocean of relaxation with our blues and purples bedding choices.