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Gray Bedding

If you want something chic and innovative to give your bedroom a new look, gray tones could be just what you need. Previously almost unheard of, using neutral shades in home design has become extremely popular. It gives a sensation of elegance and sophistication to a room, while still remaining modern. west elm has a number of pieces that work well as part of this color scheme, from decorative objects to bedding. The choice you make depends a lot on your personal preferences. For example, if you prefer bold colors like dark blue or crimson for your walls, our feathered gray or platinum duvet covers will balance out the room. On the other hand, with pastels or subdued hues, go with dark-gray slate bedding. It will really grab your attention when you walk into the room.
Deep neutrals tend to be naturally luxurious, making it seem as if you turned an ordinary bedroom into a posh five-star hotel room. If you use primarily gray tones throughout the room, you’ll want to select a wood bed and other wood furniture to maintain an intimate ambience. There is no need to use only solid-colored sheets and duvets though. Patterns and motifs can really work wonders in terms of exotic decor. Our Organic Scroll Arabesque duvet cover, for example, combines neutral tones with fascinating forms to create an unforgettable appearance. And because it’s made of 100 percent organic cotton, you can be sure that it will feel just as exquisite as it looks.