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Experienced interior decorators know that even the most incredible spaces need the infusion of fresh elements from time to time. This keeps a room visually interesting and exciting for its inhabitants. It also stimulates our imagination and creative side. That doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent the whole space constantly, though. Often, it’s enough to add one or two novel pieces to enliven a room. Or you could choose a distinctive color layout. west elm helps you keep your bedroom current and inspired with a large variety of bedding options and decor. And, best of all, we make it easy. We’re constantly innovating, creating unexpected pieces and modern designs that impress. Our duvet covers are available in countless designs – from solid colors to interesting patterns – and tones. Spicing up a room can be as simple as merely switching bedsheets or covers.
Many savvy homeowners like to have a number of bedding color combinations on hand that they interchange periodically – perhaps to adapt to seasonal variations or just depending on the mood they’re in.