Reds + Corals

Reds + Corals Bedding, Duvet Covers, and Sheet Sets

Red has been one of mankind’s favorite colors for ages. Even today, scarlet shades appeal to us in everything from the products we buy to the cars we drive. In the home, tones of red and coral are excellent design colors. Representing the color of fire and energy, red gives a room a bold and beautiful environment. Deeper reds are associated with happiness, love and emotion, while corals add a tender and gentle atmosphere to a space. That makes them great choices for any area in the home, but especially a bedroom, where we want to feel safe, secure and loved. Wall sconces provide soft illumination that creates an elegant – and sometimes romantic – atmosphere.
At west elm, we know that being creative means using hues intelligently. We separate our pieces by color so you can find not just the decor you want, but also the perfect tone for each room in your house. Our duvet covers, sheet sets and shams are available both in uniform colors and in chic stripes, motifs and patterns featuring elegant touches of red hues. Our Nomad Cover + Shams give you the best of both worlds with a solid red surface with geometric stitches on one side and a contrasting pattern on the reverse. That way, both pillows and cover can be intertwined for a fashionable look. You can also feel free to use other decorative pillows from our collection to add visual interest and style. A floor rug gives you even more color options to play with and gives your space a cozier, more inviting ambience.