Yellows + Greens

Yellows + Greens Bedding, Duvet Covers + Sheet Sets

Brighten up your bedroom with a sunny new bedding set. Bedding and accessories in yellows and greens offer plenty of cheer and can make attractive accents for your bedroom. Yellows mimic sunshine, creating a warm and comforting space. There are several options for decorating with yellow bedding. Pair shades of lemon, gold, butter, dandelion, cream and mustard to create a monochromatic style. Pair the color with similar shades such as green or brown for a conservative decor scheme. For a bold bedroom design, create contrast with complementary shades such as violet, purple, blue or maroon. Greens are often easy to work with and can lend a natural look to your space. Shades of green can range from rustic colors such as olive, pine and forest. Brighter shades such as aquamarine and teal are fantastic for creating a daring design. Greens pair well with a variety of other shades, including yellow, blue and gray. west elm offers duvet covers, quilts, sheets and blankets in a variety of yellow and green shades.
Use matching or complementary tones to match your yellow or green bedding with other items in your bedroom. A few decorative pillows in complementary colors can create lots of contrast on your bed. Patterned curtains often work well when they contain matching colors, but solid curtains can stand out with complementary tones. For more decor ideas and inspiration, browse our bedroom and bedding collections.