Rachel Kozlowski

Delaware-based artist Rachel Kozlowski uses her painterly training and attention to detail to bring everyday objects, like our basic plates, to life. "I love to travel," she says. "I find that these memories make their way back into my work." Her whimsical collections with west elm are based on her paintings of real animals. "I love the thought of my illustrations being the surprise at the end of a meal." Her latest Animal Geo Melamine Plates for summer feature exotic safari animals.

"I clearly have a love of animals and my wardrobe often reflects my work!"

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Rachel's illustration next to the real-life owl that inspired her work.

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Rachel works on a prototype for the west elm collection.

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She uses her original sketches as a personal reference book in the studio.

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Rachel's new summer plates can be mixed and matched for a summer soiree.

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Learn more at rachelkozlowski.com. For more insight into our collaborators, visit our blog.