Refinery29, one of the fastest-growing lifestyle websites today, is trusted by women everywhere for inspiring insight on shopping, style, living and beauty. We love the site for helping us to live more beautiful lives, which is why we turned to lifestyle editor Chloe Daley for her top five home tricks that have huge makeover impact.

Lifestyle Editor Chloe Daley is obsessed with vintage cocktail glasses + rearranging furniture. Here are her 5 favorite home tips.

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"In small spaces, a colorful, compact sofa makes such a bold statement — you don't need much else."

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"Adding a floor lamp gives a space instant, cozy ambience. Go elegant with something like this arched style."

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"A coffee table with various heights lets you create levels with art, books + curiosities. Rearrange whenever you want."

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"Group your accessories, like different-sized vases, into vignettes. These Peruvian ones are worthy of a #shelfie."

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"If you can't choose just one rug, mix several small ones with unique patterns for an eye-catching look."

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