Sarah Campbell

Known for the vibrant patterns she's dreamed up for the likes of Liberty of London, Yves Saint Laurent and her own textile company, Collier Campbell, British designer Sarah Campbell creates work that is both "contemplative and spontaneous." Her inspiration comes from everywhere: "I love to see the ingenuity of humans and nature; my eye is forever picking up what for me are visual treasures." We worked with Sarah to create new collections covered in fresh prints.

"I can be inspired by everything from the banal to the sophisticated."
(Photo courtesy of Virginie Guiriaboye.)

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"By now I have a natural capacity to put colors and cloths together."
(Photo courtesy of Lola Milne.)

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"When I'm designing patterns, the right brush makes a huge difference."
(Photo courtesy of E D Lawrence.)

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"I'm not precious about things, even though some things are precious to me."

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These metal turkey centerpieces were inspired by mid–century silhouettes.

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