Make the Most of a Small Space

No stylist? No problem. Setting up a Pinterest-worthy small space is easier than you think.

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8 Brilliant Small Space Ideas

Want more tips? Here are 8 rules stylists swear by when setting up a small room,
apartment or home.

1. Scale down
(and style up).

Considering scale—the visual size of objects in relation to one another—is key. Small spaces can quickly become overwhelmed with even one disproportionately sized couch so stay away from oversized furniture. Instead, pair a side chair or two with a small-scale sofa.

2. Lighten up.

Light brightens and visually opens up any space so making the most of it will trick you into feeling like your space is bigger than it actually is. Strategically placed mirrors can help bounce natural light into darker corners of a room and also creates the illusion of depth.

3. Show some leg.

Choosing lofty, leggy furniture is also a light trick. When light passes through the bottom of sofaschairs and dressers, you see more of the floor and walls—making it feel like your furniture is taking up less space than it actually does.

4. Go vertical.

Utilizing wall space keeps any room from feeling crowded because you’re freeing up square footage. Try installing wall hooks in place of a coat rack. Or invest in modular shelving in place of a bookcase to help open up a cramped living room.

5. Zone out.

Small space living can often feel like you’re trapped with nowhere else to go.  Creating "zones" inside a single space creates the luxurious illusion of multiple rooms. In other words, good bye, college dorm; hello, grown-up studio. Try rugs or a set of strategically-placed curtains to help delineate your space.

6. Know your (color) limits.

For small spaces, that’s two or three hues max—any more and it’ll start to feel chaotic. Stick with a light, muted palette to reflect light and keep the room feeling spacious and bright. Try picking from a batch of fresh, seasonal paint colors to start.

7. Make 'em multi-task.

To save space, choose pieces that do double-duty—like a sleeper sofa that turns your living room into an instant guest room or a coffee table that stores (and hides) your stuff. Open shelving can double as space dividers, too.

8. Cut corners.

Round furniture not only takes up less space, but it’s also easier to maneuver around in tight spaces (no more bumps!). Go with the flow, and carve out a dining nook with a bistro table or opt for a round side table instead of square or rectangular one. See all of our small space dining tables.

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