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What's New

Here at west elm we know you want the latest and greatest furnishings for your home. Our new kitchen offerings are sure to please your desire for a trendy and attractive tabletop. Our decorative dishware collection includes textured, patterned and plain designs that may be mixed and matched to create place settings with delicious style. Fresh kitchen towels make your mealtime prep and cleanup easy and let your kitchen shine with the newest seasonal prints, botanical patterns and accent stripes. Utility towels are great for bar service while tea towels in fun and sophisticated prints accent stove handles and shelves and help you cut down on paper towel use. We even have a retro calendar tea towel you can adorn with sequins and beads like the ones that hung in Grandma’s kitchen when you were a kid.
Add the newest shiny tech to your kitchen counters with small appliances including mixers, toasters and electric kettles that are functional works of art. Hot beverages taste great when brewed by our coffee makers and espresso machines that are meticulously engineered for flawless home performance and lasting durability. For a kitchen that truly pops, order a lime green or bright orange refrigerator that will become one of your home’s best conversation starters. Check out our large appliance collection to find refrigerators in other bold and pastel colors to have your own personal, one-of-a-kind kitchen with the new look you love.