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From a separate dining room to a breakfast nook or kitchen-diner, the area designated for meals is an important part of any home, serving as a focal point where families gather to eat, talk and entertain friends. Choosing the right dining and kitchen furniture from west elm to suit the available space creates a welcoming, friendly and functional dining area. Start by ensuring the table is the correct size for the available space, allowing at least 42 inches of clearance for people to sit down and get up easily without bumping into walls and other pieces of furniture. An old-fashioned farmhouse table has a grand appeal for spacious dining rooms, whereas round pedestal tables are good for small kitchen-diners, as they provide additional leg room and make it easy to tuck chairs out of the way when they are not in use. Glass tables also help to make rooms feel more spacious. When selecting the chairs, consider their size, style and finish. Mismatched chairs combined with bulky reclaimed wood tables have a comfortable, rustic feel; but for contemporary spaces, modern chairs with sleek, minimalist designs are a better option. Upholstered chairs are comfortable and help to create intimate dining experiences, but they may not be ideal for homes with pets and small children.
To complement a dining suite, consider furniture and accessories to make food preparation and serving easier. A kitchen island provides additional work surfaces and storage, while allowing for food preparation at the table. Lazy Susans are a simple serving solution to revolutionize any dining experience, and bistro-style tables bring a touch of continental class to breakfast time. With the correct furnishings, every meal is memorable.