Bedroom Benches & Ottomans

When you think of bedroom furniture, what comes to mind? If your list includes a bed, dresser and some bedside tables, you’ve got the basics, but you can take it even further to make your bedroom as comfortable and stylish as possible. Bedroom benches & ottomans are a fixture of well-appointed bedrooms in a variety of different styles. Even if you prefer a minimalistic and utilitarian approach to home decor and room design, these small benches and stools can add a lot of comfort and functionality to your bedroom. west elm offers a variety of different bedroom benches & ottomans for you to use in your bedroom for everything from temporary storage for the clothes you’ve laid out the night before a big event to sitting and taking off your shoes at the end of a long day.

While there are no rules governing where and how you should place and use your bedroom bench or ottoman, many people find themselves placing these items at the foot of their beds. This is especially good placement because it can give you an easy place to have a seat without sitting directly on your bed or having to take it to the floor. It’s a great way to add variety to your room and provide a firmer surface than your bed for seated activities of all kinds, from reading to doing up the straps on a complex pair of sandals.

The end-of-bed placement for a bedroom bench or ottoman can also give you a stand-in for a footboard. If you prefer a sleekly designed bed without a lot of pieces, adding a bedroom bench to the foot of your bed will help keep your blankets and quilts in place. You can even keep a light coverlet or blanket draped over the bench for quick access during transitional seasons with unpredictable weather. The bench or ottoman can also serve as a design tool to signify a distinct region of your bedroom that’s dedicated to the bed rather than to wardrobe furniture.

Our bedroom bench and ottoman selection offers an excellent sampling from across the spectrum of our design inspirations, making it easy for you to find a few different options that will complement your other bedroom furniture. Available sizes range from small, low-profile stools with a single seat to long benches that can seat two people. We also offer some benches with storage, including drawers and shelves, allowing you to maximize your bedroom space. These storage benches offer a great compromise if you want to put another shelving unit or drawer system in your room, but don’t want to block off the end of your bed with a large dresser or bookshelf.

Our product selections in this category also allow you to coordinate your final purchase with your bed and other furniture in the room. From unupholstered wooden benches and metallic stools to tufted benches wrapped in luxurious fabrics such as velvet and hand-finished leather, you can find the perfect match for your bedroom style. If you’re adding this furniture piece to introduce some additional comfort and glamour into the space, we have several different options to suit.

With the right furniture, you can make your bedroom into a stylish, relaxing haven. Sometimes, the best way to take it over the top for maximum comfort and luxury is to focus on furniture pieces you don’t usually see in a bare-bones bedroom. Bedroom benches & ottomans may not be as essential for nightly comfort as your bed is, but they are nonetheless significant additions to a bedroom that can enhance both form and function.

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