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Headboards + Bed Frames

Those who move around a lot or switch apartments frequently can tire quickly of disassembling an entire bed each time. Others simply don’t like the look or feel of traditional beds and prefer an attractive headboard and bed frame. If any of these are your case, rest assured that you can definitely find a piece that fits your personal preferences, your home’s personality and your space. And, especially, west elm makes it easy to choose a headboard and frame that is beautiful and fashionable. We help you to achieve your design vision for your dream room, no matter what style you love the most.
Wood headboards, like our Morocco Headboard, lend a warm and inviting appearance to your bedroom. They make it easy to relax and laugh, whether spending time together as a couple or just taking an afternoon nap. And their distinctive stain harmonizes well with almost any wall color. Picture frames or table lamps also add an intimate quality to the room. Upholstered headboards are another excellent option that can create several different styles in a room, depending on their contours and texture. Tufted fabrics can give a space a classic air, and are also extremely popular. And since they are available in a wide variety of materials and colors, it becomes easy to customize the bedroom to your taste. Duvet covers allow you another level of personalization that will make you feel at home. Mirrors are great both for dressing and for decoration, and offer a brighter and more open sensation. All of these headboards are designed to fit our bed frames, which are trendy and practical as well.