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Having a well-organized home office makes life so much easier, doesn’t it? Knowing where all your important papers are and having a clean work surface can make a majorly positive difference in how motivated you feel, even if you have a rather daunting task ahead of you. But you don’t want your home office to feel like a sterile cubicle, so considering style in addition to practicality is an important factor in selecting home office storage furniture. west elm’s collection of shelving units and filing cabinets helps you strike just the right balance between form and function, letting you assemble a useful collection of home office storage furniture that also looks fantastic.

Even if you conduct your business in a thoroughly modern, paperless fashion, filing cabinets and bookshelves are still important components for your organization setup. In spite of the trend toward paperless business, physical components are still present in every office. Stacks of papers may not be much of a problem, if at all, but you still need a place to keep important hard copies of official documents or store tech equipment such as charging cables, carrying cases, hard drives and USB sticks. From paper bills to legal documents and good old-fashioned business cards, there are plenty of paper goods to contend with in even a high-tech home office. Having a safe, out-of-the-way place to keep all that stuff that you need but don’t regularly use is arguably more important than ever. Plus, organizing the few papers you do have is easy – as long as you have a place to put it all.

Whether you opt for filing cabinets, bookcases or both, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of sleek, modern furniture pieces that will make your home office feel as elegant and inviting as the rest of your house. From wide, tall bookcases to small filing cabinets that can fit underneath your desk, you can choose pieces that are right for your needs and your space. Even if your home office is a corner of your living room or a repurposed walk-in closet, we can help you keep the space looking sleek, stylish and tidy.

Some of our office storage furniture options match with other furniture pieces from our home office collections, including some desks that provide ample room for you to spread out and get down to business, whether that’s writing code for a client’s website or hand-drawing designs for new fabric prints. Some of our desks have a hybrid desk-bookshelf design that can allow you to maximize space efficiency by incorporating your desk space onto one of the bookshelf’s lower tiers. This kind of combination is perfect for smaller offices or for home office setups in which the desk is less important than having other space available for business-related tasks such as interviewing clients or arranging product samples.

When you combine our home office storage furniture with one of our attractive desks and some desktop organization items such as bookends, file boxes and staplers, you’ll have a complete organizational setup that allows you to make the most of your space. Our stylish furniture lets you emphasize the “home” part of “home office,” shying away from sterility in favor of warmth and good design. No matter what your business approach is, it pays to have good options for keeping your office organized. Even if the product you create is entirely digital, you’re bound to have some odds and ends that need to be kept organized and secure, and our bookshelves and filing cabinets can help make that happen. Now that you’ve got your office organized and looking great, all you need is a comfortable desk chair to complete the feeling of comfort and enjoyment.

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