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The west elm bar and counter stools combine the height of fashion with the functionality necessary for relaxed, informal dining experiences around breakfast bars and kitchen counters. Stools with backs are ideal for younger children, or anyone who enjoys the comfort of some additional back support, but backless stools often have a sleek, minimalist style that works well in contemporary kitchens. For rooms with lots of built-in and freestanding cabinetry, stools with curved legs offer a subtle but elegant contrast to all of the straight edges, adding some variety and stools with an industrial finish work well in loft apartments and similar urban spaces. Mixing and matching eclectic designs creates a fun environment that is a perfect expression of the homeowner’s personality, and creates the sense of a lived-in space that has developed and grown over time rather than being constructed with an overriding theme in mind.
While breakfast on the go at the kitchen counter is fine for the working week, a lazy Sunday breakfast is a great excuse to gather the family around the dining table. Choosing the right chairs for a comfortable family dinner greatly affects the functionality and usefulness of your dining area. Large upholstered chairs work well in large spaces and pair with chunky, rustic furniture for a farmhouse feel that is warm and inviting, but it is important to ensure there is plenty of space for diners to find their seats and eat without feeling cramped. The dining chairs and other furnishings set the tone for any meal, and they need to work just as well when entertaining guests as they do when the family sits down for dinner.