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Storage helps you maintain a neat and tidy bedroom space, eliminating distractions and creating a relaxing oasis to rest at the end of the day. Items such as wardrobes, dressers and nightstands not only give homes to your clothing and bedroom accessories, but also help you sort items into separate spaces for time-efficient and aesthetically pleasing organization. Our collections offer a wide range of bedroom storage furniture, from compact nightstands to spacious armoires. You can choose from furniture styles ranging from minimalist to artistic.

Bedroom storage pieces come in several different forms. Nightstands are usually on the smaller side so they work just right at the sides of your bed or in a corner or the room. You can use a nightstand to stow books, sleep masks, earplugs and other small items that you want handy while in bed. They also make great surfaces for table lamps, vases and of course a glass of water. Dressers are usually mid-sized to large pieces consisting of rows of drawers. They can have as few as two or three drawers to 10 or more drawers in different sizes. Chifforobes are pieces that function as both dressers and wardrobes, with sets of drawers combined with cabinets. These usually work best in smaller rooms, as they can store a variety of different clothing items in a compact space. Armoires are stand-alone closets that contain cabinets for hanging clothes. Some also contain drawers for smaller and folded items.

Size is a fantastic starting point to work from when you are shopping for a new dresser or wardrobe. Before you start looking, measure the empty space where you want to place the piece to help you determine what can fit in the area. If your space is limited but you need to store a lot of clothing and accessories, you can keep your eyes peeled for tall and narrow pieces. If you have a large bedroom with a lot of available space, you can consider a wide dresser or an armoire. Armoires are great for expanding limited closet space and lend a traditional aesthetic to larger spaces. A wide dresser can double as a vanity table, as there is lots of space for mirrors, jewelry boxes and trays.

When choosing a nightstand, dresser or wardrobe, you should also consider the size of the drawers or cabinets. The clothing, accessories and other items you want to stow should fit comfortably inside each compartment without any overstuffing. Small drawers work well for smaller items such as socks, handkerchiefs, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and small electronics. Medium-sized drawers are ideal for shirts, shorts, books and scarves. If you want to store bulky clothing such as sweaters or jeans, look out for deep drawers. west elm offers a selection of pieces with different drawer and cabinet sizes, so you can easily store a variety of items in a single space.

Style and finish also play a role in your choice. For an optimal atmosphere of relaxation, your storage pieces should blend in with your bed and other furniture items such as benches or chairs. If you want a wood nightstand or dresser with a natural finish, try to match the color as closely as possible. You can also opt for contrasting pieces for added interest. For example, if your bed includes a dark wood finish that is hard to match, you may want to opt for a lacquered dresser in a lighter color.

Once you have chosen a dresser or nightstand, you may also want to consider organization. Accessories such as drawer organizers, small baskets and boxes can help you divide space within the drawers, which comes in handy for storing items such as socks, belts and scarves. Decorative trays and jewelry boxes make excellent homes for jewelry, watches and other small items, and they make stunning decor pieces in the bedroom. If you have chosen an armoire or a chifforobe, be sure to pick up a few hangers. You can also install small hooks on the backs of the doors to maximize your space.

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