FSC-Certified Furniture

If you want a desk that makes a difference, or a cabinet that shows you care, west elm’s FSC-certified furniture fits the bill. All of these items meet the Forest Stewardship Council’s standards for conserving natural forests and upholding social responsibility standards for manufacturers, while still providing beautiful finishing touches to any room. Many of the pieces use reclaimed wood, meaning the construction involves only materials recycled from other products, buildings, and structures. The results are chunky furniture, such as dining tables, with a traditional farmhouse style that is suitable for large rooms with the necessary space to create a dramatic focal point. Pairing a reclaimed wood dining table with a dining bench, rather than chairs, enhances the sense of rustic, country cottage charm, minimizes the clutter associated with having too many chairs in a single space, and creates a more intimate dining experience.
To keep the bedroom rustic and relaxed, reclaimed wood beds are an obvious choice. The stains, scratches and imperfections that are a natural result of the construction process give each piece a sense of history, and a unique story all its own. If the wood seems too dark, throw on some colorful pillows and white linen to lighten the tone, and create some exciting contrasts. Large, solid bed frames work well in big rooms with minimal furniture, where they dominate the space and create an imposing first impression. Adding a reclaimed wood nightstand is in keeping with the room’s tone and provides a useful surface for a lamp, some bedtime reading and morning coffee. With these FSC-certified products, and other natural wood furnishings, you can feel great about having a home that looks amazing.