Bookcases & Shelving

In his bestselling book series, ‟Game of Thrones,” George R.R. Martin stated, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” If you are a voracious reader, chances are there are books lying around all throughout your home. Remove the clutter in your home by organizing your books and displaying them in west elmʼs wide range of bookcases today. Whether you want metal, glass or wood bookcases, find all this and more among our selections.

If you are of the opinion that bookcases are just for books, then see how it is possible to use them for much more. Bookcases are a great way to display any of your collections, whether they are sculptures, teacups, birdcages, pots or shells. If your collection is something that you are proud of, it deserves to be displayed. Gather all your treasures from around your home and create a spectacular display. Adding one of our styles of wallpaper to the back wall of your bookcases is an easy and a unique way to personalize it. If you do not have any collections as yet, use the bookcases to showcase your hobbies and interests. This would also be a great way to display your treasured vacation photos and mementos on the bookcases.

Make the bookcase the focal point of the entire room by choosing one with an unconventional shape, such as a tiered tower or one that is shaped like a ladder. If you have an eclectic collection of books and other memorabilia that you want to display, use a bookcase with glass doors. This gives the collection a more unified and polished look. You could also choose to paint the bookcase the same color as your room, making it look as if the bookcase is a part of your wall itself. If you have run out of books and other things you want to display, then just grab one of our art photography pieces to fill the gaps in the bookcases.

You could also add a bit of a sparkle and shine to your bookcases by including silver, crystal and glass articles among the other objects on display. If your family silver is catching dust in some forgotten cabinet, take it out, clean it and display it proudly. One of the important criteria when you are selecting a bookcase is how much space you want it to occupy. Opt for a double glass door bookcase if the things you want to display are precious and delicate, such as crystal and silverware. On the other hand, when you own a large collection of books, the ideal way to display them would be to stack them on top of one another in an open bookcase. Arrange the books according to their color, and the rainbow-hued display gives your room a dramatic look. Take advantage of our vast collection of chairs and you are bound to find one that goes perfectly well with whichever bookcase you choose.

Use our designer bookends to give your bookcases a customized look. If you do not have space for a bookcase, display your personal possessions by using one of our shelving options. One of the advantages of shelves is that they are no fuss and can go anywhere you want them to. Flank an archway or doorway in your home on both sides with identical shelving, and make the best out of whatever space is available to you. If you have a limited space, use these shelves as wall organizers. Use the mesh shelves in your bathroom and kitchen to serve as essential storage space.