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Desk Chairs

Whether working in a home office or at a desk in a bedroom, having a comfortable desk chair is an important part of getting things done. At west elm, you can find a large selection of desk chairs in a variety of styles.
Upholstered office chairs bring a vintage vibe to any space. From soft leather and velvet to easy-to-clean linen, the chairs combine metal and fabric for a retro design. Choose from chairs that roll or swivel to make them easy to move around and access materials in different parts of the room. Adjustable chairs move up and down to accommodate different desk heights.
Try something different and use a dining chair as a desk chair. In bedrooms, slim wooden or leather dining chairs fit well with corner desks without taking up too much extra space. Folding chairs can store in a closet when not in use and then easily slide into any desk space in a kitchen or corner niche without getting in the way of foot traffic. Choose from a number of vintage or contemporary designs to match the flow of any room. Find a desk chair that complements your space and makes spending hours in front of the computer a comfortable experience.