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Create the perfect ambience using versatile sectionals and transform how you use your living space. Browsing west elm’s build-your-own sectional furniture range presents a wealth of ideas for making the most of any room, regardless of its shape or size. For a large room, consider a U-shaped arrangement of sectionals surrounding a coffee table on a luxurious rug, defining a comfortable area for relaxing with friends or organizing a family meeting. For smaller rooms, an L-shaped configuration that fits into one corner provides plenty of seating without encroaching on the floor space, making the room feel less crowded.
Before making a purchase, it is important to consider your available space and your requirements carefully. Sketch a plan of the area, measure all of the dimensions and ensure you are purchasing furniture that is suitable in terms of size, style and functionality. Bear in mind that sectionals are bulky items that help to define the space. Choose something too large, and your room feels claustrophobic; choose something that is too small, or the wrong shape, and your room feels less comfortable and organized.
Due to their size and uniform nature, sectionals are often the focal point in a living room, and if you use a lot of seating in a matching neutral tone, it is a good idea to add more character and color by introducing contrasting pillows and throws. By carefully selecting sectionals and dressing them with complementary soft furnishings, it is possible to create a warm and inviting space and spend more time with friends and family.