One of the easiest ways to give a living room a new look without doing a big remodeling project is to update your couch. At west elm, we have a wide selection of couches that will fit numerous styles and designs. The couches come in a plethora of materials as well, ranging from tweed to leather. There are mid-century couches, modern style couches and sleeper sofas. The mid-century style couches all come with solid wood legs that go perfectly with the clean lines of this style of couch. You can choose from a number of different colors and material finishes, depending on which style of couch you decide on. The leather couches use top of the line leather, paired with solid wood legs done in a chocolate colored finish. The style of the cushions can vary from one style of leather couch to another. Most of the leather pieces have fixed cushions with extra padding to give the pieces a very luxurious feel.
The beds on the sleeper sofas come in a variety of sizes and styles as well. The type of supports also vary between the pieces. Some of the beds have a platform support for the bed so that there are no needs for bars or strings, while others have the traditional sofa bed framing. Don’t forget to pick up some pillows and accessories to tie your new sofa in with the rest of your décor. Find a perfect bedding set for your new pull out bed. While you’re updating the look of your living room, don’t forget to update your lighting.