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An essential part of modern decor, light fixtures offer soft illumination in the evening and enhance any space’s atmosphere throughout the day. Elegant contours add touches of sophistication while strokes of transparent glass create a spacious feel conducive to relaxation. west elm’s pieces showcase attractive luminosity and distinctive designs that harmonize with any room’s style. For a living room painted ivory white, a floor lamp with a black finish or dark wood construction is a good choice. It will complement your existing furniture nicely and stand out as well. Abstract wall art can be used to provide splashes of color. Our selection of table lamps is very extensive and offers endless options for personalizing a space. That way, each room of your home will be an expression of your own personality.

Accent tables in the living room, bedroom, entryway or home office are good locations to place table lamps for maximum illumination and especially to add artistic decor. Pieces that feature bright colors, singular sculptures and metallic finishes abound, which are great for adding a trendy ambience. The Botanical Metal Table Lamp, for example, resembles an elegant flower with an Antique Brass finish that makes any space feel more peaceful. Our pendants, chandeliers and flush mounts are exceptional light fixtures that bring both grace and fashion into the dining room or kitchen area. Few things will impress visitors as much as a brilliant chandelier or pendant cluster hanging above a dining room table. Even your bathroom will shine, thanks to our gentle wall sconces and mirrors.