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Few things in your home have the potential to impress guests as much as an elegant and trendy chandelier hanging above a dining room table or in a foyer or entryway. Whether enjoying relaxed drinks together or entertaining for a special occasion, you can be sure that your west elm chandelier will be a conversation piece that will capture the attention of all present. Providing luxurious illumination and interesting contours, our pieces also create varying tones of light that play across the room and accentuate your home’s decor. Deep paint colors, soft black and white photographs and beautiful wood furniture all look even more amazing when paired with an impressive chandelier. Since we offer such a wide variety of pieces – featuring diverse shapes, textures, materials and opacity – it is easy to select one that matches your own personality and the room’s design layout.

Our Pierced Ceramic Chandelier features three cylindrical pierced ceramic shades that create soft illumination and an intimate feel. If you want your dining room or kitchen to have an inviting atmosphere great for entertaining friends and family, this is an ideal choice. Other pieces highlight transparent or opaque glass orbs that provide abundant luminosity and a trendy appearance. Don’t forget to combine fashionable light fixtures with our distinctive dinnerware. For sophistication, chandeliers that feature beautiful hand-blown glass are absolutely astonishing.