What's New

If you love simple lines, nature-inspired decor or the mid-century vibe, our new lamps and light fixtures are all about you and how you can light up your space with your own personal style. Whether you are in the market for chandeliers, sconces, table lamps or floor lamps, west elm has the lighting, hardware and accessories you need to make your rooms shine. Our minimalist designs work with any type of furniture style and even manage to tone down fussy decor. Factory-style task lamps and chunky mixed-material lamps give rooms a timeless, secure quality. Updated lamp bases, shade shapes and colors work well with the distressed and color-blocked fabrics used in upholstery. They also perfectly suit furnishings of reclaimed wood, metal and leather.

Nature-inspired metal and glass lamps with botanical and animal themes are elegant enough to work with our diverse collection of new rugs and windows in modern weaves and textures. Combine new lighting fixtures and a light-colored new area rug to transform a dreary room into an inspirational and brightly lit space for entertaining or relaxing with family. Check out all of our lighting options in contemporary, rustic, futuristic and vintage styles. Our lighting fixtures are the simple decorating secrets you need to make rooms exciting again.