Every room needs light in order to be truly complete. Illumination provides far more than simple functionality for a home in the evening; it creates the essence of a space’s ambience and enhances it, making each room come alive. Your choice of lighting has the power to create tones of sophistication and elegance, cool professionalism, warmth or trendy style depending on your personal design vision. At west elm, we specialize in supplying quality pieces for the home that highlight its natural decor and create rooms that are visually impressive and make your family feel relaxed and happy. Our pendants feature diverse shapes that combine well with a room’s personality, from diamond contours to hanging globes. Many are available in groups of three or more adjustable-height lamps, meaning that creating clusters of descending pendants is easy. They are sure to capture your guests’ attention immediately, whether suspended above a dining room table or in an entryway. All of these artistic pieces are very trendy and lend a spacious feeling to the room. Pairing lighting with one of our singular dining room tables is a great idea.

A single pendant can add a more intimate aspect to personal spaces, such as the bedroom, home office, kitchen countertop or other living area. Red-, black-, yellow- or copper-colored cords let you put your own touch into room decor. Using a well-placed floor mirror can increase this lighting effect. Don’t forget to customize your living room further with distinctive shelves. For casting playful shadows around the space, choose one of our handcrafted Bentwood Pendants. They are available in a variety of mesmerizing designs and are fashioned out of bentwood with an Acorn finish.