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Planters + Garden

Creating an inviting outdoor space is important for entertaining and comfortable living. Furniture creates a welcoming outdoor space of course, but so do the details. Some of the most beautiful details you can include in your yard or on your patio are plants and attractive planters to put them in. west elm offers planters that come in a variety of materials including wood, stone, glass and ceramics. The stone planters come in several different types of stone or cement, and you can find planters made from limestone, fiberstone and mixes of cement and stone. The finishes come in different styles, such as ridged or smooth, to impart attractive texture that blends well with the outdoors.
Our wood and glass containers are just as varied, and they can work alone or in elevated plant stands that make beautiful displays in any outdoor area. If you don’t have a lot of ground space to put planters on, we offer great choices to use your vertical space. Wall terrariums include attractive, smooth glass features that can be bolted to the wall. Plant stands also let you use pots that you already have while taking up very little ground area. Hanging bag planters can also save space and are great for not only flowers, but also for herbs and vegetables.
Don’t forget to check out our lounge furniture to complete your outdoor space. Outdoor lanterns and hurricane lamps help finish off the space by giving the area a pulled-together look. Check out our outdoor accessories to find interesting pieces to enhance your backyard jungle.