Outdoor Lounge Furniture

It’s lovely to have a space and table where you can dine outdoors, but being able to lounge around and soak up the sun is also a wonderful use of your space. west elm’s outdoor lounge furniture includes elegant statement pieces, practical weatherproof sofas with cushions, classic poolside lounge silhouettes and all the ottomans and tables you might possibly need to pull a cohesive look together. Whether you have an urban deck, a suburban pool or something in the middle, our lounge furniture can help you create an inviting and comfortable outdoor space for gatherings with loved ones or some much-needed relaxation time.

As you build your outdoor lounge space, don’t forget to bring some accessories and decor into the mix. Make your outdoor living room an all-season area by picking up some outdoor-friendly throw blankets and a standing fan to help bring the breeze when mother nature is on a break. Add some decorative objects to make the space feel more sophisticated, and don’t forget that a fire pit is always a welcome outdoor accessory. Before you know it, you’ll have an amazingly comfortable, versatile space for the whole family to enjoy. From summer suntans and s’mores to autumn sunsets and cozy blankets, our outdoor lounge furniture is durable and sturdy enough to see you through your favorite season.

After you’ve gotten your accessories picked out, add some garden planters to your arrangement. You can use our outdoor planters to create a privacy screen, organize distinct spaces or just bring some greenery to your yard. From large, frost-proof planters to smaller pots that you can bring indoors during inclement weather, our garden planters offer you the opportunity to make all your gardening dreams come true. Grow seasonal fruits and vegetables or set up some native plants and let them go to town; the choice is yours. You can add, color, texture, scent or all three to your lounge area to give it a special edge. Fragrant plants like jasmine are especially nice when paired with our outdoor furniture and might just help you feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard.

To create a truly distinctive outdoor space that feels structured and comfortable, add some outdoor curtains to your lounge area. You can use them to give yourself shade or privacy or simply to bring some color and a sense of easy luxury to the space. Our outdoor curtains are specifically designed to withstand sun, wind and rain, making them better-suited to exposure to the elements than a standard indoor curtain. Available in a range of bright and neutral colors, you can use our curtains to pop in some color or let them blend into the background to allow the natural beauty of your patio do the aesthetic lifting for you. Hang our curtains from a pergola or arbor, add a curtain rod to two support beams or build your own structure to serve as a makeshift outdoor wall.

Finally, some furniture covers can enable you to keep your beautiful new lounge setup fresh and protected from weather events and sun when it’s not in use. We have furniture covers that fit over a variety of different pieces and some specially designed covers to protect the more uniquely shaped pieces in our collection, including our large, sculptural loungers. It’s a great idea to invest in covers even if you live in a climate that’s temperate for most of the year. Put the covers on when you know rainy weather is on its way or when you plan to be away from your house and are unable to spend time in your outdoor lounge. Our covers keep your furniture clean and ready for you so you can use it whenever you crave some fresh air and sunshine.