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Linen Curtains

Frame your windows with a bright and airy style. Linen curtains are lighter than heavier fabrics such as velvet, allowing some light to pass through your drapes. However, the woven fabric is still solid, providing plenty of privacy for your space. In addition, linen stays cool in hot weather and can easily absorb moisture, preventing your window treatments from trapping heat and humidity in your home. This fabric offers a crisp and classic look that is easy to blend with your existing furniture and decor. Choose curtains in white, neutral or pastel shades to brighten up your space or easily incorporate your drapes into the existing color scheme of your room. Opt for darker colors if you want a dramatic style without heating up your space. west elm also offers a selection of linen shades and sheers to pair with your drapes.
Accentuate your window decor by adding the right hardware. Subtle details such as curtain rods and rings can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on the overall style of your window treatments. If the existing furniture in the room is dark, choose a dark rod. Pair lighter furniture with white or silver window hardware. Use finials to bookend your curtains and finish off the style. You can also experiment with your window decor by layering different curtains and drapes. Use blinds to add some privacy and reduce sunlight when the weather gets hot. Pair solid colored curtains with printed or lace sheers to create some contrast in your windows.