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Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains from west elm let in the sun's bright rays by day while offering you a bit of privacy from passersby. Combine sheer panels with drapes like velvet curtains or patterned drapery on your windows for more night time privacy. Sheers are available in plain neutral hues or in printed or textured designs to mix and match with solid and patterned window treatments. Sheers on their own have a simple, minimalist presence that softens rooms and windows while several styles of our patterned sheers are substantial and elegant enough to be the only window adornments you'll want in your rooms.
When you need some relief from intense sunlight our blackout curtains and shades offer fitting compromises. Install sheer panels behind pairs of our velvet, cotton or linen draperies available with blackout liners. You have control over when rooms are exposed to the sun and how much light you let into your rooms. There is no difference in quality or appearance between our blackout curtains and our everyday curtains including our linen curtains in attractive shades. The weave and texture of linen curtains make them perfect for more rustic and organic rooms but they also work well in front of sheer panels when you want more depth to window decor.