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Sheer Curtains

Curtains come in a variety of styles, and one of the most popular varieties is sheers. Sheer curtains from west elm are softer and lighter than traditional curtains, letting more light through. They can stand alone or be paired with heavier window coverings. Wispy and airy, they allow for some privacy while letting the sunlight into your home. They are typically used in spaces such as kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms for this reason.

If you have a space that can benefit from natural light, sheer curtains may be the answer. Without leaving your windows exposed, they provide a delicate dressing through which the light can shine to darker rooms. This can even help save energy costs, as you may find that you do not need to turn on overhead lights and lamps as frequently or as early. Sheer curtains can also allow you to experience nature, even when you are inside during a storm. If your living room overlooks the ocean, a beautiful garden or a majestic forest or mountains, these window treatments provide the ideal frame that does not block out your view. If you love sheer curtains but worry about a lack of total privacy, you can always layer them beneath other types of curtains. This allows you to take advantage of the natural light during the day and keep the outside world away at night. You can also layer sheers to add an extra romantic layer of fabric.

You may picture sheer curtains as thin white pieces of fabric flowing in the breeze alongside an open window. While they are thin and do often flow in the breeze, they are not necessarily white. As a matter of fact, you can find sheer curtains in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Whites and ivories are traditional, but colors such as gray, blue and yellow are also available. You can find sheer curtains to match almost any color scheme. Prints including geometric shapes, floral designs and stripes are available as well. Sheer curtains look beautiful in rooms with furniture and accessories that are meant to be cozy and less formal – the type of room that makes you want to curl up with a good book in an oversized chair and let the warm sun shine down on you. However, the right set can look great in any space.

Made from a number of fabrics, cotton, lace, and even silk sheer curtains are available. Lace adds traditional charm to any room, while silk can add a bit of luxury and elegance. Cotton is popular because it is easy to clean and a classic favorite that can appear softer than the other fabrics.