New Windows

Windows enhance a room’s style and overall ambience making it important to outfit your windows with suitable window treatments. Picky shoppers may have a hard time finding just the right thing to keep their windows covered. If you’re in this camp, west elm’s new windows page may be just the thing you need to solve your window treatment problems. Whether you’re looking to totally redo your window decor setup or you just want to see what we’ve got, this new product arrivals page can help you keep your finger on the pulse of our latest window covering options. If you’re always looking for new ways to add a bit of freshness to your home decor scheme, check back often to see if any of our new curtains, shades or window hardware offerings catch your eye. You could end up building yourself a nice decor wardrobe of high-quality window treatments for every room in the house, helping you let light in or block the world out as you see fit. Even if you just switch out some old curtain rings for some newer, more decorative options, you add a sense of freshness to an important design focal point.