Rug Pads & Floor Care

As you go through the process of choosing a rug, don‘t forget to consider a rug pad. Rug selection at west elm is varied and interesting, and while they‘re not as decorative as their counterparts, our rug pads are an important companion piece. With a rug pad, you can have confidence that your rug will stay in place. This means not only that you don‘t have to worry about slipping and sliding when you, a child or a pet steps on the rug but also that you won‘t have to spend time adjusting the rug when it slips out of place.

Rug pads are helpful for keeping your rug in its designated spot, but they‘re beneficial for more than just that. Designed to provide additional cushiness underfoot, our rug pads make your beautifully designed rugs feel even better when you walk on them. Whether you live in a shoes-on or shoes-off household, extra padding helps relax your feet and provides an additional feeling of comfort in your home. This is especially helpful if you‘ve chosen a flat weave rug, though it never hurts to add more cushion and security to a deeper pile rug as well.

These cushy non-slip pads are a good match for any type of rug. From our artisan-crafted, handmade Moroccan-style rugs to our avant-garde patterned options, the use of a rug pad is highly recommended for proper rug care and maintenance. Rugs that regularly slip and slide as you walk on them can suffer from undue stress and friction on their undersides, so keeping them firmly in place and softly cushioned with a pad is a wise choice. You don‘t need to worry about the rug pad interfering with your rug‘s beautiful appearance; simply cut the rug pad to size and it will stay hidden underneath its cover.

We have a number of great products that may suit your needs, including cozy, fair trade certified shag rugs. Our rug pads are also created with an eye on modern values. With several eco-friendly options available, you can choose a rug pad that provides you with the kind of padding you want. Our green rug pads use materials such as plant-based oils and recycled plastics, focusing on a sustainable approach to creating useful products for your home. Keep your sensibilities firmly focused on the now - and the future - with our green, eco-friendly rug pad options.

In addition to being eco-friendly, our rug pads are versatile. For example, natural fiber rugs such as jute pair well with our rug pads. Even reversible options, which have the same texture on the front and back, can be held in place securely with a rug pad. Just as they are compatible with different rug types, some of our rug pads are compatible with any type of floor. Even radiant heat flooring can‘t stop our rug pads from providing discreet support, comfort and protection on your floors. No matter if you‘ve got carpet, hardwood, tile or polished concrete, we have a suitable rug pad option for you.

Rug selection is a fun process that can allow you to make a relatively small change and totally transform the look of a room. These versatile decorative accessories lend comfort, provide stable footing for individuals and pets, protect the floors and dampen sound. Rug pads may not be the stars of the show in terms of decor, but they do a lot of important work behind the scenes. By anchoring your rug in place and making it even more cushiony-soft to step on, our rug pads enhance your floors.