Rug Pads + Floor Care

Prevent your rugs from slipping and bunching up on your floor. Our rug pads and floor care items offer support for your area rugs, runners and mats. Rug pads are important accessories that protect both your rugs and your flooring. The stable surface helps extend the life of your rugs, as the reduction in slipping reduces stress on the fibers. This protection is especially handy for delicate natural fiber rugs. It also prevents the rug from scratching the floor as it slips, which is especially important for hardwood and tile flooring. In addition, these accessories offer aesthetic benefits. They make your rugs look fuller and offer additional insulation for your floors. The reduction in slipping makes it easier to use cleaning supplies on your rugs, which helps maintain a neat and tidy space. west elm offers pads in a selection of sizes and materials, letting you choose the right option for your room. They are compatible with a variety of flooring types, including hardwood, carpeting and heated floors. If you lead an environmental lifestyle, our collections also include plenty of eco-friendly materials.
Measure your rugs and runners before purchasing rug pads. Ideally, pads should be around two inches smaller than each side of the rug. To care for your pads and extend the lifespans of the rugs they support, dust them regularly with a broom or vacuum to keep dirt and debris from accumulating under the rug. Rotating the pad also helps maintain your rugs.