Special Order Rugs

Decorating a room is exciting. Every pillow, piece of furniture and light fixture has a purpose. They all add something beautiful to your artistic vision, the same way that a five-star chef deftly combines ingredients that make your palate explode in happiness. So where do area rugs fit into your design masterpiece? They’re extremely versatile accents, so they play the part of both main entree or hors d’oeuvre equally well. west elm’s custom area rugs fit your home like a glove, opening up a world of color and texture possibilities for pretty much any spot you can imagine. Want to make your living room shine? Looking for a way to help an entryway leave a lasting impression on guests? Use our special order rugs to seal the deal. Here are a few gorgeous ideas to inspire you. Above all, have some fun.

Bring out your inner Picasso with minimalist decor. Simple but powerful lines leave no doubt as to your design vision. Each piece is a concentrated burst of style, a shot of espresso with major flair. Balance out a colorful couch with a rectangular coffee table featuring sharp edges and metallic elements. Leave some space between your seating and an area rug to contribute an open feel to the room. A single color theme with lighter or darker shades looks captivating in a minimalist space, as do touches of white or gray. It’s OK to pick out a few different colors, but try to keep things as simple as possible. That way they stand out more.

Feeling groovy? Have your chairs and sofas all get along in peace and harmony with a 1960s- or 1970s-inspired design. Here, furniture is about impact much more than functionality, with dynamic curves and interesting shades. An area rug enhances the warmth and love of the era even more when you focus on fuzzy textures. Extra layers of softness are heavenly for bare feet and match the intimate lighting of globe pendants. When it comes to color infusion anything goes, from Indian tangerine or gold tones to modern greens or black.

Custom rugs are a big help since they cater to rooms of any size. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to design a chic studio apartment or unify a large open-concept living room. The perfect size is at your fingertips. So how do you know how much of the floor to cover with an area rug? Some interior designers recommend a rug large enough for at least the front legs of each piece of furniture in your arrangement. Others enjoy the harmonious look when your entire sectional falls inside the area rug. With sizes of up to 12’x18’, if you do decide to go big, we’ve got you covered.

Neutral area rugs let you go really bold and bright with your furniture. Pair a vibrant red sofa with a subtle white rug that has floral elements to create a Japanese color theme. Sheer curtains add a relaxing tone to the room, while a few accent pieces in red, pink or light green enhance your view of Mt. Fuji.

Our special order rugs really are works of art, so feel free to display them as your room’s centerpiece. Each piece is handcrafted by certified artisans, which means high quality and great attention to detail. Varying textures within the rug, raised patterns and geometric shapes are a few of the beautiful elements to look forward to.

Even though a custom area rug is so stunning as living room decor, you’re not limited to any one spot in the home. In fact, in a large living room, using two or more rugs has an awesome effect by defining different parts of the space while sharing a harmonious theme. For example, informal seating in front of the fireplace and a sofa with side tables, both featuring rugs with similar tones or shapes.

In a dining room with a glass table, infuse your meals with visual excitement by picking out an area rug with striking patterns and colors. Illuminate it with a chandelier overhead and an accent wall featuring your favorite print.