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When it is time for a change, the introduction of a clock from west elm has the potential to revitalize any living space, creating a fantastic focal point or adding the final room accent that ties together a theme. The huge range of options means it is easy to find a clock to match any environment, from large rustic pieces that are the ideal timekeeping solution for converted barns and traditional settings, to chrome clocks that add a sparkling finish to modern kitchens. Large clocks are an excellent way to draw focus in a room, with round and oval faces providing a pleasing contrast with striped wallpaper, and vintage or distressed faces working well with muted color palettes. However, wall clocks are not the only way to use your time effectively. It is possible to bring a touch of old-time glamour to your bedroom nightstand by introducing a vintage or art deco carriage clock, and pairing it with a vase or lamp in the same style creates a romantic vignette. You create a dominating presence in your hall when you position a stately grandfather clock in pride of place, and adding a finely crafted desktop clock to your office deck ensures you stay ahead of your deadlines. When you use clocks to complement your home decor, or to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication, time is always on your side.