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Floor Mirrors

Stylistically simplistic to intricately inlaid, the floor mirrors available at west elm accentuate the design of any room, reflecting personality, light, color and texture in your space. Perfect to check your look one last time in a dressing room, bedroom or walk-in closet, a floor mirror is ultimately a dynamic, ever-changing transitional piece that effortlessly adds to and amplifies your space.
Choose from rustic designs featuring reclaimed distressed wood frames or opt for function, flow and shape with a chic yet simple vintage-inspired rose gold metal framed mirror. Each design is impactful in stature while remaining lightweight and able to reposition or relocate easily. They work best leaning against a wall and include tip kit hardware.
Floor mirrors are always classically in fashion, offering function in a limited footprint and provide the illusion of expanding spaciousness in smaller rooms by reflecting light and space. Floor mirrors can function as art, furniture or as an unexpected design element featuring details like brass-finished nailhead trim, bone inlay or upholstery in the frame, providing a transitional form to its purpose. Our upholstered leather or velvet-trimmed mirrors with engineered wooden frames provide a neutral canvas to reflect other wall art, texture and color.