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Interior walls are an area that a lot of people forget to utilize when it comes to home decor. But vertical surfaces are actually an ideal spot for pieces that really put a personal touch on a space. Elegant mirrors in a living room or bedroom brighten up the room and add some flair. Display ledges are another great option since they provide both intrinsic style and also serve as a place for additional decorative objects, plants, photos and candles. west elm has everything you need to flesh out bare walls and design a chic space. And since it’s easy to find pieces that don’t take up much room, they work well even in smaller apartments.
Our mirror accessories feature distinctive contours that spice up a room. Wall hooks have become increasingly popular in the last few years as a trendy way to display jewelry, fashion pieces, belts, scarves and other clothing items. Hanging favorite hats is preferable to tossing them into a closet. That way they avoid becoming deformed. Keep your most-used outfit pieces close by with several wall hangers in the bedroom. And it goes without saying that hooks are a good idea for the bathroom, where they excel at holding personal towels. Our styles range from sophisticated to casual, which makes for effortless decoration. Artistic photographs and prints also use existing vertical spaces intelligently to create splashes of color.