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What makes a house a home? Though there are a lot of different ways to answer that question, it’s safe to say that having art on your walls can certainly make any space feel more comfortable, personal and enjoyable. west elm makes it easy to decorate your home to maximize stylistic impact and showcase your own unique tastes thanks to our excellent selection of modern photography art. From stunning images of the abstraction caused by architectural patterns to the simple joys of a flower in full bloom, our modern photography art collections are carefully selected to provide beauty and freshness to any room in your home.

Because modern photography art covers such a wide range of subjects and styles, it’s easy to find pieces to match your existing wall decor. If you’re picking out pieces to start your decor setup afresh, select the photographs that best suit your personal style. Doing this will allow you to include the art in a gallery wall or display it on its own in a room decorated just so according to your taste. We offer a great selection of different photography styles, from the representational to the surreal, allowing you to select the perfect piece to fit in seamlessly with the other art and decorative items in your possession.

To incorporate modern art photography in a gallery wall, first consider whether you have other art pieces you’d like to include in the arrangement. Make sure your photography art selection coordinates with the other pieces you want to include. They don’t have to match exactly – in fact, gallery walls look best when they’re at least a little bit eclectic – but focusing on some sort of unifying theme such as color or subject can be helpful. You can also choose to build the gallery around the photograph, meaning you’ll start by picking out the photo you want and select other pieces to surround and enhance it.

The wide range of options we offer in this category makes it easy to choose decorative photography art pieces that will delight and inspire you on a daily basis. We offer everything from botanical art photographs printed on clear acrylic panels to classic black-and-white wildlife photos with a subtle modern edge. Whether it’s through material presentation or careful subject framing within the picture itself, our selection of modern photography art has a contemporary sensibility that carries through each piece in its own special way.

Our carefully curated selections in this category include licensed images from Offset, a creator marketplace that boosts independent photographers and illustrators and allows for greater access to unique art pieces. We’ve chosen images from Offset artists that offer a sophisticated modern take on photography, elevating the medium beyond mere snapshots and representational imagery. With options including artistic fashion photography and abstraction captured with a camera lens, these gorgeous art pieces can fit in with almost any style of decor to make a strong aesthetic statement you’ll love to view over and over again. All of the Offset artists selected for this collaboration are individually credited by name to give proper respect to artistic integrity and creative genius.

Most of our modern photography art options come carefully framed, meaning your gorgeous new decorative piece will be ready to hang from the moment it arrives at your doorstep. Our picture frame selections help to enhance and protect the art inside, allowing you to continue enjoying your modern art photography piece for years to come. The polished, finished nature of these items makes them perfect for gift giving. Whether for a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation or as a simple gesture for a friend’s birthday, these photographs make thoughtful, impressive presents.

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