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Picture Frames

Art and decor in any room is a personal expression, the best of which includes favorite people, places and things stylishly framed, staunchly displayed and cameoing among other wall art, accessories and mementos in every room in the house. The picture frames offered at west elm can accommodate your special moments, memories and mementos and feature collage, mirrored and gallery frames in a variety of sizes and finishes to match your decor or stand out among it.
Our hanging gallery frames in mirrored, wooden, brass, nickel or gold leaf finishes lend a focus to favorite objects of art compiled together or accentuating a room. Match or mix the sizes and colors to personalize a space and add interest to a wall. They perfect arrange awards and achievements over an office desk or frame vintage postcards, fabric or art in varying displays, simplistically showcasing anything from masterpieces to doodles, snapshots to selfies.
Our contemporary desktop frames are perfect for displaying a favorite picture or creating a cluster or collage by adding sets of different sizes on a mantel, desk or wall shelf. In prism shape or reclaimed wood, a one-of-a-kind photo becomes even more special in one of our frames, for you or for a gift.